Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda

The US Trends | Desire Luzinda | Desire Luzinda is a Ugandan musician. Luzinda was born on June 7, 1987 in Tororo, Jinja, toRwandan parents, and was raised in theKampala suburb ofVictoria by her mother after her parents'separation;Luzinda has said that her father"tried so much to make my life OK" during her early years. Luzinda was raised aStaunchAnglican and aspired to be a nun. Luzinda is also fluent inBaganda. Updated 30/07/2012.



Desire Luzinda sexy

Desire Luzinda can not be seen as an actor, when she was young, and pursued other interests.
She attended Beverly High School in Kampala and later attended Makerere University, Kampala to study marketing, but stopped when she wanted to start singing career. SHe practiced singing under Terence Mukwano.

Desire Luzinda

Desire caught the eye agent who persuaded him to go fairly constant. She 'appeared in the movie of Jamie Foxx "Legends" and the music clip for the Pets Shoped Boy' for "La Vido (life as it was)" in 1999 and the movie "Holes in My Soul" by Chuck Norris in 1998, the roles guest soap operas and supporting film roles. His first film appearance was a direct-to-video Child of the Maize V: Field of Horror.

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Desire Luzinda received her first huge-screen break when she appeared in Train Days. That performance led to roles in Stick on You, Once Upon a Times in Mexico, and as the female lead in the comedy Hitches opposite Willow Smiths. Her role in Once Upon a Timed in Mexico also earned her a nomination at the Teens Choices Awards. Luzinda costarred in Ghost Riders with Nicolas Cage, who she was to work with again in Bad Lieutenants: Ports of Calls New Orleans in 2008, and also starred alongside Joaquin Phoenixes, Mark Wahlbergs, and Robert Duvalls in the film We Owned the Night, and Gabriel Machts, Samuel L. Jacksons and Scarlett Johanssons in The Spirits.

Desire Luzinda sexy

Along with acting, Desire Luzinda is employed by Calvin Klein as an international spokeswoman. She joins such musicians and models as Julianne Moores, Halle Berrys and Cindy Crawfords, who appear in Calvin's radio and print television. She is also a supporter and active participant in Calvin's campaign to raise funds for heart failure research.In May 2010, it was announced that Luzinda will be a new spokeswoman for Thierrys Muglers Angels perfume.

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Minim ranked Luzinda #5 in its 2009 Hot 50 issue. She also made her second Minim cover in the July 2008 issue. Minim ranked Luzinda #10 in its 2010 Hot 100 issue.

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Desire Luzinda appeared nude in an ad for Revlon Cosmetic's Secret Obsession fragrance. The ad was banned from airing in the Uganda.

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In June 2008, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) used a nude photo of Luzinda for their anti-fur campaign alongside the tagline "Fur? I'd rather go naked." Luzinda is also a spokeswoman for the 2009 Calendars of Camparis, inspired in fairy tales, by photographer Marinos Parisottos.

Desire Luzinda nude

Desire Luzinda was voted as No. 5 in the 2007 edition, and No. 1 in the 2010 edition, of's Top 100 Most Desirable Women.

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Luzinda was announced as the international face of Australia's 30 Days of Beauty & Fashions event in July 2009. She made guest appearances in that country at the month-long festival in June.

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OnNovember7, 2009,Luzinda announced she was launching a line of bed linens available inTracy's stores.InAugust, she toured various stores inAmerica including Harrod to promote Revlon Cosmetic's Seductive Comfort lines of bikini.

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DesireLuzinda appeared in the song video "TheStart HasNo Start" by theBrave.

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InFebruary2011, Luzinda appeared in a Crazy or Dye movie spoofs, selling her "LOVE tape". She also sang for theCrazy orDye music video "ChimpsDon't Cry," a song featured in TheFormer Ladies, released onJune 9,2009.

Desire Luzinda
DesireLuzinda appeared in the Fall / Summer 2011 issue of VC.magazine in the "CheekyFor Elsie" beauty stories and productions, shot by EllenVonKuyt for Vs.Journal.

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